Chinese Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbal Therapy is an important part of Chinese medicine. There are over 400 Chinese herbs suitable for use in the UK; they are well documented and their functions are also well understood.  Chinese herbs are to balance the YIN-YANG to regulate internal organs and to enhance the immune system.  Much research has even shown that the functional groups of some herbal combinations have the same effects as chemical synthetic drugs e.g. killing bacteria, restraining viruses, relieving fever and pain, balancing the hormones, reducing blood pressure, blood cholesterol and glucose levels enc.

In fact, many modern medicines have been developed from plants.  For example, both aspirin and the malaria drug quinine originate from bark extracts whilst the cardiac drug digitalis is made from foxgloves.

Herbal therapy can be prepared for internal or external use. As a single or mixed formula includes: dry herbs to be brewed as tea, in powder, tablet and capsule form; creams and lotions enc.. Chinese herbs can be a powerful therapy independent of acupuncture.   


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