An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Acupuncture

Chinese medicine dates back to before the 21st Century BC. With over thousands of years of practice and development, Chinese medicine possesses a unique and integrated theory.  The fundamental principle of Chinese medicine is that the human body is considered as a whole system which is controlled by a force (Qi), composed of two contrary but inseparable powers (Yin and Yang). The balance of YIN – YANG (life forces) in the body is the basic condition of human health, and thus the imbalance of YIN and YANG by any means will result in ill health. A practitioner will analyses all your symptoms and experiences as well as taking into account you age, gender, diet, lifestyle and physical and emotional traits to build up an overall picture. The treatment then aims to rebalance YIN and YANG in your body rather than to just treat symptoms.

The medical materials of Chinese medicine are natural plants and minerals. Compared with chemical synthetic drugs, Chinese medicine may be safer and may have fewer side effects.

Taking painkillers, antibiotics, steroids, and other synthetic chemical drugs for long periods or on a high dosage can cause many side effects. Many people are seeking alternative treatments. It is estimated that a quarter of the world’s population, all over the world, currently use Chinese medicine. In the UK, Chinese medicine has become the most popular complementary medicine and many GPs / medical professions now offer patients access to complementary therapies.  Additionally, as seen in recent news (on the TV, newspapers, articles, enc.) the NHS and respected pharmaceutical manufactures are  now considering using Chinese medicine to help treat pain, skin problems, asthma, menopause, even to help covid symptoms.

Chinese medicine treats both acute and chronic conditions and is suitable for all age groups, from young babies to the elderly and even pregnant women. Each patient is considered and treated independently and individually. Chinese medicine has two major forms of treatment: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Therapy.


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